10 Free Online proofreading tools to correct your Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes can make your content look worst. If you have written an awesome content, people will appreciate you for your writing but if they find any grammar mistakes then the only thing they will be remembered is your writing skill.

No matter, if you write for your school, blog or client. Grammar mistakes can easily break your reputation.

On the Internet, if you want to rank on google you must need great content with no grammar mistakes. Google is very strict with content. They want to give the best to their customer.

So for that, there’re many tools online tools available to correct or proofread your content before you publish.

Today I come up with top 5 best free online proofreading tools

Why Proofreading is So Important

It doesn’t matter where you’re writing(college, school or online). The main goal of writing is to give the information to readers. If the content you’ve written is full of grammar errors Then the reader going to disappoint with your content.

if you write content online then you already know blogging is the best way to create a successful career online.

Google gives a special ranking boost to the sites that give the most information without errors.

If you’re not a native English speaker (like me). Then these proofreading tools can save you a lot of time

Table of content

1. Google Docs

2. Grammarly

3. Ginger

4. Polish my writing

5. Language Tool

#1. Google Docs-

It provides great feature and it’s free.you don’t need any internet connection to use google docs. It lets you choose from a wide variety of resume, report and other pre-made documents.

One more great feature is you don’t have to save your document ever. It saves automatically. So don’t worry if your document gets closed without saving.

#2. Grammarly-

The most popular and accurate tool to correct your grammar mistakes. I personally use Grammarly for writing flawless content without grammar mistakes. It not only tells you about mistakes but it gives you an explanation of each mistake. And Grammarly also gives you relevant words to choose.

Grammarly also has a chrome extension. So you just need to install it and then whenever you’re writing in chrome it’ll start automatically.

It has an in built plagiarism checker. So you can check if your copy has any duplicate content.

#3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most popular proofreading tool because of his feature. It has so many features like sentence rephrase that gives to explore different ways to phrase your text. It has a large built in dictionary. One downside is it requires staying online for changing or editing the content.

#4. After the deadline

After the deadline or also known as polish my article is also great proofreading tool which allows you to check grammar errors, styling or spelling.

It highlights the errors in three different colors, Red is for spelling error, green is for grammar suggestion and blue is for style suggestion.

This tool is very easy to use just copy your content and paste it in the box.

They also have a plugin name “after the deadline” for WordPress. If you’re a user of WordPress then you can download the plugin from here.

#5. Language tool

Language tool is another great proofreading tool. They support more than 20 languages which include English, Polish, German and French. It can help you find many grammar errors that a normal grammar checker can’t detect.

I know there’re many great proofreading tools available that I haven’t mention but these are the tools that I’ve personally use and recommend.
Tell me which is your favorite tool in the comments and I’ll add that tool to the list.